Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blue Bird

The First Photo Shoot

These are pictures from the first photo shoot we did in class. Most of these pictures were experiment pictures which is why I haven't used in any of my post beforehand. I didn't really like the lighting in any of these pictures, I like good contrasting colors and none of these ones had good color, they looked more washed out. The reason I posted this post was because sometimes its good to look back at old pictures and see how to improve on future pictures.


These are the pictures from our trip to Yellowst0ne. This was a hard trip for me in the photo part I didn't get nearly as many as I wanted to the ones I got I was able to sort through them and found a few that I thought were good enough to post. The first picture I posted was one I thought was good because it followed the rule of thirds quite well in the way both the girls were positioned as well as the Bison in the background.
The Bison in the picture above, I thought made a good picture with the mountains in the background and the contrasting colors that they threw against the rest of the picture.
Both of the Elk pictures I took just for fun. I liked the depth perception both pictures have.
The picture with the geese I added because of the color scheme, I thought the blues and the greens all worked together marvelously.

The Last Photo Shoot

These are a few of the pictures i took on the last photo shoot we did on campus. All the picture I posted from this shoot were done with reflectors. The flower ones we used a black reflector behind the flowers in order to give the flowers a good background so they really stood out. The portrait picture of Teresa we used a gold reflector underneath her so that the shadows her hat threw over her face were less harsh. I liked using reflectors I found them to be really fun.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Action Photography

These are some unfinished pictures of playing frisbee the other day. I didn't get the chance to edit them and clean up the background yet but I thought they would make for a fun blog. I was messing around with action photography again and trying to figure out what angles were the best. I took these 4 pictures while laying on the ground and for a few you can't really tell but on some it gives the picture so much more depth. The top one for example, if I had taken it while standing up or from any other kind of upward angle it would have taken away from the feel of the flip and the athlete would have lost some of the height of the flip making for more of a dull picture.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Photo Shop

These are more of the pictures of the shoot I did last week up on the rims. The sky in these pictures was very interesting to work with because no matter what it would change about every 5 minutes to something new, either completely washed out like the first picture. Or amazing storm clouds like the middle two pictures.

The biggest thing I came to realize when doing a photo shoot is I cannot take a good picture unless I am comfortable. Throughout the semester I tried to do many different photo shoots in a lot of different places but the ones that really turned out to be half way decent were the ones that involved people I was very comfortable with and were easy to work with as a model.
These last few pictures I did of her eye were more of an experiment than anything. The top one I actually had to take about 6 different shots of because of the shadows coming down off the pine needles. The bottom one was a little more zoomed out so as to show more of the face but still only one of the eyes. I liked these two pictures just because I found them to be different but with a little bit of a unique twist.

Horses Action Photography

These are a few pictures I took at the barn last week while everyone was taking their riding finals. Now in the pictures it does look like all the horses are out of control and wild but I took them right when the horse was doing a lead change. Now this happens when all 4 feet are off the ground. I always think that this is the best time to take a picture just because of all the action that is going on in the picture. I had a lot of fun taking these pictures just because doing action photography is a lot harder not only in trying to be in the right place at the right time but also having the whole subject in focus.